Know How to Dolled up for a photo-shoot based on your Body Shape!

Know How to Dolled up for a photo-shoot based on your Body Shape!

What is the first word that flashes your mind when you hear the concept photo-shoot? Would it be outfit most of the time? Outfits place a key role in photo-shoot and it doesn’t mean only dresses, it all means wearing the correct things right from the body to toe!

However, it’s natural to not always know or unable to choose what to wear the events of the day, but along with choosing the right dress, it is important to choose and wear the dress that you fit in comfort! When it comes to choosing an outfit for a photoshoot, it may feel a bit daunting task as we all want to look our best.

It is important to remember the fact that all the type of dresses won’t suit everyone as people are born with different shapes and heights! Before knowing about the dresses one should be aware of the right body shape they have!


The Apple Shaped

You have the round shaped body. So it is always better to avoid oversized or without shaped tops, High Neckline. Try single button Jacket or belt at the waist which portrays your waist that makes you look slimmer instantly.



The Rectangle/Column 

This shaped people generally look as shape-outs. So it is always better to try waist defining elements or shirts with a belt, patterns that give illusion shape, pleats or fabric with the shape.

The Pear Shaped

You generally have the small upper body when compared to lower one, sometimes it is a big advantage and sometimes it might ruin your look totally. So you should always highlight your arms, go for bare arms or strapless, avoid pockets or anything that enhances the hips/thighs, try brighter color or details up top, plain or darker colors on the bottom.


The Inverted Triangle 

You are cursed with the oversized upper body when compared with the lower one. So it’s better to avoid spaghetti or sleeveless tops, skinny jeans, ruffles and bright colored tops. Try out skirt with movement or flared skirts or skirts, trousers with more shape.

The Hourglass

You should be really blessed to have such body shape because most of the women crave to have this body shape and it is considered as the ideal body shape of the woman! You can wear anything but to look more beautiful try fitted clothing and avoid loose shapeless clothing.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Actress Scarlett Johansson attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


In general, when it comes to wedding photo shoot, people generally try to match their colors and jewelers with their partners which are a big NO! Also, it is always better to avoid just black or gray clothing, shirts that have logos, busy patterns.

By following these simple tips which will help to make a good choice of clothing for your photo-shoot.

Photo shoot Hacks that every model should be aware of!

Photo shoot Hacks that every model should be aware of!

The photograph is not only about the still, it is all about the photographer emotion involved in it. When you look at a beautiful picture everyone sees the picture, but no one ever thought of the process or the emotion or the risks that a photographer has ever faced it.

Especially in fashion photography, one must have a strong foundation for that to manifest properly in your image. Forget the lighting, focus or pose, first you need to question the frame. There should be a unique style of every photographer and the photographer success should lie with this style.

These days everyone is acquiring cameras for many purposes, be it a personal shoot or professional or the content of their blog or for the travel diaries; whatever the reason it might be, at the end of the day we expect our photos to be marvelous and go wow we see each time A great image can be captured by following a few of these “ground rules.”

A model should know how to pose for a photo shoot and a photographer should know how to mold a model for the perfect photo.

The basic things a model should know for posing a photograph.


Practice, Practice and lots of practice are needed for a model. It could be in front of a mirror, or in front of a friend/relative or it could be an industry professional.  One should know how you really look when posing and it can help to rectify the flaws immediately. Listening to the advice from others during these practicing sessions can change the pose better.

Body Awareness

Understanding the body gaining awareness is vital so that one can gain a perspective of how your figure is viewed.


Nothing can defeat the person who is really confident. A committed and confident model who performs well at a fashion shoot will earn a strong reputation.


Considering the Feedback

It is always better to ask the feedback from the superiors and colleagues. Some might suggests and hints which are useful. Considering this feedback gracefully ensuring to try out the idea ASAP. Never ever decline or refuse their suggestion as the experience of the industry experts, because this will help you become an exceptional model.

Follow the Nose

All amateur models instantly feel the need to keep their eyes on the camera, but preferring opposite is the ideal thing. A model should always glance off camera as “follow your nose with your eyes,” as it reduces the amount of white in the eye and eliminates the awkward over rotating eyeball.


Bounce the Shoulders

Shoulders play a crucial role in framing the face of a model.  Raising one shoulder higher than another will add dimension and strength to the image.

Isabela Soncini Sitting In Black Nightie Side Pose Photoshoot.jpg

Chin Out and Down

Keeping and pushing chin forward and then down when faced directly towards the camera, jawline seems to be big from the photographer perspective. The model should be moved slightly to their side profile.

Opening the Mouth

When a model opens the mouth it could completely ruin the look of the photograph. Keeping the mouth closed, the jawline clenches and adds extra weight to the sides of their face. It might also give negative energy to an image, a bored neutral look. Keeping the mouth slightly open, the jawline is elongated and gives a subtle intimate invite to the viewer.


Shake the Concrete Feet

In fashion photography, shoes are a vital piece of the wardrobe. But, they are often overlooked because legs and feet are never easy to pose. This is the reason why many photographers avoid the full body shot and go right for an easy three-quarter image. But, when it is really a mandatory thing to capture the full body and the shoes, it is better to implement motion.


Ballet Hands

Any model should relax their hands as if they were in a ballet, spreading the fingers lightly, slightly broken at the joints.


Cut the Chimping

Chimping, a term used in digital photography to describe the habit of checking every photo on the camera display (LCD) immediately after capture.Chimping is the deadly habit that can kill the energy of a shoot.Beng curious to look over the photos is fine, but sometimes it might look awkward.

Being confident and posing as a model is not so easy as people think. Keep experimenting and keep talking. Connect with your photographer and be patient, because unless you’re communicating, you’ll never get that perfect pose.




Things involved behind the photo-shoot

Things involved behind the photo-shoot

What do you think when you look at the elegant picture which is perfectly captured? The word amazing strikes your mind in the place right? Have you ever thought the process involved in and what the cast and crew might have gone through to click such an amazing picture?

The word Photo shoot is quite common these days and the photos are those which showcase the particular person’s attitude and elegance as beautiful moments. Photo shoots are entirely different when it comes to regular selfies and candid shots. There are certain tactics involved in the photo shoots to make them look great, especially when it comes to celebrity photo shoots. No one ever think about the factors been involved in making a photoshoot.

The tactics and process which are involved while planning a great photo shoot

Choosing the Concept

This is the first thing in which you should have a clear idea of. It might be for the advertising or wedlock or the dining party or even with the abandoned materials, one should have clear idea of the concept.

Setting the Mood 

Mood panel is very important for making the imaginary concepts to stunning and realistic photos. While concept development will help you come up with general ideas you’d like to go with your photo shoot, a mood panel will fine tune everything and put it all into place.

This will help you better prepare for the type of photos you need to shoot, the locations that you need to shoot them at and other elements that come into play during the process. You can also use your mood board to set up reminders of people you need to contact during this process, including makeup artists, lighting specialists and anyone else who is going to make your photo shoot memorable.

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Choosing a Model

When one is working with the modeling industry, choosing a model to showcase the work is really important. If your goal is to promote your work and build a solid portfolio, one of your choices is to pay for models that work in the modeling industry. It is absolutely true that the models do not come cheap.

Making the Crew

This is no less important while creating any work of art. The crew you choose should understand the task fully and should be able to fully cooperate on the set. Makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, hairstylists, set designers, etc. comes under this category. Depending on the type, place, and timing the crew should act and make the event successful.


In any field communication is the key factor. Without expressing the concept and what one really need it is impossible to get those beautiful pictures. Even during the photo shoot the way one communicates should create energy and intrigue them.

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Explore! Explore and more Explore. It’s time to go out and do some research on previous photo shoots that have been created and developed with the same variables. However, research will give you some good inspiration and help to build even better ideas of what one has in mind. If you are shooting a wedding with a unique theme, do some research into that specific theme and see how you can implement your own unique photography style to make for more entertaining photos. This same technique to gain inspiration can also be used for pregnancy photos, school pictures, fashion shoots and much more. This doesn’t mean that you explicitly copy what is already out there. After all, being a photographer means being unique and creative.

Becoming Flexible

Learning how to manage the things without getting disturbed frequently by the outsources makes people to stand and do things differently. Being spontaneous and flexible to the situation are really important. The more you can plan for what could happen and be flexible with options to fix it, the more prepared you’ll be for your shoot.

Choosing the Right Equipment

When one is planning the great photo shoot, it is better to check, double-check and even triple-check and choose the right equipment to make sure that everything is working well. Don’t let the last minute work ruin the entire presentation or process.

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Finding the best amongst Millions of Photos

Great photographers take hundreds of, if not more, photos and they have to find the best ones to use. Keep in mind that the photos you use will be on display for the entire world to see. These pictures will also be ones that you add to your portfolio, which you want to look great when you are pitching new clients. Therefore, take the time to find the best photos and make sure they are edited adequately to truly demonstrate your photography skills.

You can have a great photo shoot if you plan appropriately for the process. And if you keep in mind the tips on this list, you’ll increase the likelihood that everything will go as planned and you’ll end up with great looking photos that’ll last a lifetime.

Whoever thinks that photo shoots are quite easy, they must know these facts and tremendous teamwork behind an elegant photo.


Heading back to old times – Photo Shoot methods of Vintage Celebrities

Heading back to old times – Photo Shoot methods of Vintage Celebrities

Have you ever imagined what would happen to the cine world without the advanced media? If that is the case there would be no updates about the celebrities and there would be no gossips about the celebrities!

Have you ever imagined how the celebrity’s photo-shoots in the old days used to reach the targeted audience? If you think that there were no celebrities photo shoots in the old days, you are completely mistaken because nothing is newly invented now, they have just transformed from the traditional methods to modernized methods!

The method of promotion and the methods of portraying might have changed with respect to the modernized world, but the concept didn’t. If you thought selfies were hip, edgy and technologically savvy, think again. Self-portraits or selfies have been around since photography became an affordable hobby for millions in the mid-19th century. The same way with celebrity photo shoots.

Celebrity photography has been in existence since the earliest days of photography.In 1856, Adolphe Braun, a French Photographer published a book containing 288 photographs of “Virginia Oldoini, Countess di Castiglione”. She is a mistress of France Emperor Napoleon III. These photos with the attires made her stand as the first fashion model.


Photo shoots are also not a new innovation in the movie industry because the first decade of the 20th century, advances in halftone printing allowed fashion photographs to be featured in magazines. In the previous years, these are used to promote fashion as a fine art by the use of photography and the growth of the trends. “Edward Steichen”, an American photographer, then took photos of gowns designed by a french fashion designer named “Paul Poiret”. These photographs were published in the April 1911 issue of the magazine “Art et Décoration”. According to the American writer and producer named Jesse Alexander, This is considered to be the first ever modern fashion photography shoot. They considered this is a way as to convey a sense of their physical quality as well as their formal appearance.

However, some of the methods are still trending as those used to be in old times.  When you look at the celebrities giving a daring pose at the beaches for the magazine cover pages, you might get a thought that these wouldn’t have existed in vintage days; but you are totally wrong because in the mid-1930’s “Martin Munkacsi”, a Hungarian photographer, made the first photographs of models in sporty poses at the beach. Under the artistic direction of “Alexey Brodovitch”, a Russian photographer,  an American Women’s fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” quickly introduced this new style into its pages.


Photographers such as “Irving Penn”, “Martin Munkacsi”, “Richard Avedon”, and “Louise Dahl-Wolfe” tried to shape the look of fashion photography for the following decades. Richard Avedon transformed fashion photography and recreated the role of a fashion photographer with his creative and imaginative images of a modern woman.

Nowadays, the hype creating by the social media and the increased technologies with media are like the boon for the celebrities to portray their selves and get promoted because in the previous days their fame used to get stick only to magazines, the same old thing, but these days the norms have changed and the photo shoots can be viewed on live or through the videos and their fame is spreading worldwide through the extended factors.