Be Unique, Let the world recognize your photos!

Be Unique, Let the world recognize your photos!

In this creative world, everyone uses their creativity in blowing up their photos. They might be a professional or an amateur, their passion is to click candid and vibrant shots; but everyone can’t be called as a professional photographer.

Despite the wide-spread use of point-and-shoot cameras, very few people were able to properly take photographs. That’s why photography was and still is a profession in demand;

Keeping about the professionalism aside, Photography is all about setting up the mood and making the photo speak on behalf of you.

Whenever you click a photograph for photo-shoot keep these little hacks in mind which makes you stand as a unique photographer!

Present in a perfect way

It might be any kind of photograph, all the thing you need to do is portray in a perfect manner. You might have clicked some hundreds of terrific pictures, but only a few of them will blend in a perfect way.


Never be “Typical”

While you may not see this exact type of situation every day, there are many ways you can apply this principal.  When you shoot a portrait, do you simply have your model stand next to a pretty flower bush, use a large aperture, and snap away?  Isn’t that incredibly typical?  Break out of the box and do something fun and creative!

Add Some Emotion

Everyone clicks, but only a few add and portray little emotion to it! A photograph should speak about the photographer’s mind.

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Be Friendly and communicate

If you are doing the photo-shoot of a baby, or a couple, whoever it might be it’s really really important that you need to make your subject comfortable. Communicating with them will make you click fewer shots and pictures will blow out with fewer edits.

Know your specialization

You might click those amazing wed-lock photo-shoots, but you might fail to present the nature and landscape in a better way. Though you might be an awesome photographer it is not mandatory that you can click all those types of photo-shoots. So know your specialization.


Explore and throw out the first few ideas

Photography is a creative endeavor. No idea is bad it takes creative energy to formulate an idea. The initial stages are considered as the baby steps, so throw out your first few ideas. Try different angles, different locations, different props, and even different colors. If you want to stand out, then something about your photo has to be new and unusual.


Stay with the rules of photography

Anyone can be a writer, but only few can be a great writer. The same way, you might be either clicking for passion or profession, it would be helpful if you stick to the ground rules and following them will definitely sharpen up your photography skills.


Practicing and practicing

Nobody is a born world-class photographer; they become one through effective practice. Don’t reek of amateur photos; because nothing gets succeed overnight, it all needs the tons of practice and experiments.



Create a Brand

The brand is like people, they too have personality, and that personality has a direct effect on customers and potential clients. When you’re developing your brand, decide what type of “person” it’s going to be. You should always show your passion, reliability, approachability, and charisma. It might also be Fun, Adventurous, Spunky, Hyper professional! All of your messaging should center on this feeling. Over the years your work might evolve and vary, but your brand should always remain the same.

Try something creative and unique

A few years ago, photos were just photos! But these days it all means exposure of sparkler shots. Everyone wants to click in some different way where no one has. If you try something new and creative people will obviously approach you and you might be that photographer for their amazing wed-lock!

Stand out there and show your pictures to the world!

You are clicking pictures, but keeping them in the cupboard is not a good idea. Choose the platform to showcase your work; it might be Facebook, Twitter, or creating your own blog, Instagram or participating in the Art Galleries & Contests, or posting to local newspapers and magazines.

Even talk to your local promoters. They all need photos, and if you can provide them for them, you can get paid, and get your name out there. Stand out and be remarkable. Be loud and tell the world that you are a part of this wide photography world.

Surprise souvenir and Thank You Card

Every photographer clicks, edit, take payment and leave! But a clinch of gratitude and gesture are really important because those events or photoshoots might have helped for your bread winning at the initial stages o a career.

So you can maintain the contact list of your clients and surprise them with little souvenir and a thank you card for being the precious client. This will definitely make you stand unique and mark you as a friendly photographer.

Sartorelli-Kristin Spencer Photography-Thank You

No Photographer will turn from amateur to professional without proper research, passion, and presence. No wonder if you follow these simple and petty hacks, you can definitely stand as the unique and great photographer.












Modern and Unique Photo-Shoot ideas

Modern and Unique Photo-Shoot ideas

Here is the post for all the fashion photographers who are tired of the same old ideas for a photo-shoot! It’s quite tough to constantly come up with creative concepts that will blow everyone away. Even the most brilliant photographers start to creatively burn out eventually, not all the time that our brain works creative, sometimes we freak out and runs out of ideas.

A creative photographer can use anything as a medium for the photo-shoot. Good ideas are everywhere, tucked under even the most mundane every-day experiences. Be it a summer photoshoot or vintage or those beautiful summers shots, or a casual shoot, everyone needs their photos to be unique and they wish that everyone should roll an eye over their photos.

Let’s look at some of the shoot ideas you will love at the moment

Using different medium for Couple Photoshoots

When it comes to the wedding photo-shoots, it’s natural and common that everyone clicks pictures in parks and studio, but trying out some medium will make your pictures to look elegant. That medium might be a wooden plank to blow balloons.

Showing off the product you have

It’s not always to showcase only the model .sometimes a photographer can make the viewers think and go nuts with different products he/she holds. It might be a cup or a car.


Dancing pose

Your photos might inspire someone to click the amazing pictures. Why should you always click pictures while standing, lying and sitting? In this creative world, one should think more creative. So try these dancing photo-shoots, everyone will go wow when you portray them!

Face photoshoot

It is not necessary that a person should be clicked as a whole. Clicking only faces and part of the faces will work and those will give some really really sexy look to the photos.



Painting face

Why should every time a model should be pretty immaculate and should wear heavy outfit always? Trying something new like pouring paint all over the face or body will make you stand different of all. This will definitely add spice to your boring pictures and show your artwork in your prints.

Shooting with Random Objects

Experimenting with different objects will be instant and unique. These include some frames and the things which we normally visit and use on regular basis.

Shooting with pets

Pets are the cutest friends for human beings and clicking the pictures with them will be funny and make people grow the bond with pets.


Capturing the nap

How about doing a fashion shoot inspired by the single most beautiful thing on this planet? Sleep! Wearing some beautiful and comfortable clothes which make you comfy on the bed will make a path of dreamland.


Playing with hair

Hair is the most beautiful part of the people and clicking photo-shoots while playing with hair. For the women there will be wide chance to showcase the hair with different hairstyles, laces and flower crowns will make everyone go aww!

Capturing with plants and water

There is nothing in this whole world as beautiful as nature. Capturing with nature calamities with make you actually relish and even your photos will go vibrant.

Add a click to your work

Photos are the things which speak a lot. Make your photos to speak about your professionalism.


Heading back to vintage

Why should you always click t dame color and filters photographs? Add some vintage style to your soul.


Going Sassy and Chic

This is truly for females who are totally inspired and love clicking photographs as hell. These will turn out your photos hot.

We all know how fashion photography is more important in today’s world and how most fashion photographers strives hard to blow up the photos. Wouldn’t it be real if some of the photographers use these ideas and make the pictures radiant?

The Queen of the Tollywood with the unique attitude

The Queen of the Tollywood with the unique attitude

In a male-dominated industry, Nayanathra is the only lady in the list of superstars.  She has already recognized for this as the “Lady Superstar” and remains as the only female star to have a great fame.


This gorgeous Lady superstar was born as Dayana Mariam Kurien in Kerala. She did her schooling in Jamnagar, Gujarat, and Delhi. In Tiruvalla, she studied at Balikamadom Girls Higher Secondary School and then attended Marthoma College for her bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Nayanthara made her acting debut in the Malayalam film ‘Manasinakkare’ directed by Sathyan Anthikkad. She soon moved to Tamil industry. Her second film in Tamil was ‘Chandramukhi’ in which she paired up Superstar Rajinikanth, a role envied by many actresses.

In the last decade, Nayanthara went on to act with almost all the stars in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.Nayanthara was recognized as the glamorous actress with the movie titled “Billa”, costarring with Ajith. It went and produced success at the box office and produced great records. Her glamorous look made her achieve great fame. She won the Vijay Award for Favorite Heroine for the Tamil film Yaaradi Nee Mohini. and was nominated for the Best Actress prize at the 56th Film fare Awards South. She acted with the best actors and the role she chooses always speaks about her intelligence.


Her releases featured her as the female lead actress with commercial successes: she had five box office hits in the four Southern languages in the same year. Her performance was hugely appreciated by the critics. She did a lifetime role in the film “Sri Rama Rajyam” which was directed by Bapu. Everyone’s is mesmerized by her performance in this movie and she received critical acclaim for her performance in the film. The film was dubbed in the media and considered to be her last release before her marriage as she was reported to quit acting thereafter.

When she eventually quit the movie career, cinema industry missed her glamor and acting. She made a grand comeback in the year 2012 playing a journalist in Telugu film ‘Krishnam Vandhe Jagadgurum’. In Tamil, she acted as the lead lady opposite Arya in ‘Raja Rani’ and Ajith in ‘Arrambam’. Both the films were super hits and re- launched Nayanthara in Kollywood.Nayanthara has created a new history in Tamil Cinema. Her comeback has been as rewarding and successful as her first innings in acting or even more. None of the actresses in this glamor driven industry has made it to the top as a leading heroine after a gap in their career.

Particularly the year 2015 has been spectacular, to say the least for this ever charming and highly talented actress. Nayanthara’s Malayalam film ‘Baskar the Rascal’ with Mammootty was hugely successful. In Tamil, she acted in five films the same year with leading heroes. Nayanthara has had three back to back super hit films in the form of ‘Thani Oruvan’ in which she played the role of a forensic expert with Jayam Ravi, ‘Maya’ in which she played a single mother and ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ in which she played a deaf girl on a mission to avenge her parents’ killer with Vijay Sethupathi. It must be noted that in all these three films Nayan played versatile and challenging roles and not mere arm candy of heroes. She gives equal competition to the heroes in the film’s ad she has that heroic attitude.


When you see Nayanthara in any awards functions or any events, you can see her attitude which so simple and humble. She has smartly built up her brand image being the elusive and mysterious star. In the last two years, she reinvented her and concentrated more on women-centric roles veering away from playing the glamorous heroine.

For her amazing performance and success, she has been awarded and nominated for many awards such as “Amitabh Bachan Youth Icon Award” and “K.Baachander Awad for the best Female Actor” , “IIFA Awards as the Best Actress”, “Vikatan Awards as the Best Actress”,  Vikatan best personalities Awards recognized and awarded her as the “Queen Of The Tollywood” ,  two Edison Awards as the “Best Actress” and the “Gorgeous Belle”, three film fare awards in three years, “Kerala Film Critics Association Award”, “Nandi Award as the best Actress”, CineMAA Award for the Best Actress” , “Four Vijay Awards” , “Four South Indian International Movie Awards”, “Raindrops Women Achievers Award”, “ Two Asianet Film Awards”, “Santhosham Film Awards”, “Ugadi Puraskar Awards” and “South Scope Style Awards”.

Nayanthara has been proving her acting prowess in film after film and her beauty and charm are increasing with the age. Today, she the most sought after heroine in Tamil cinema and the actress most loved by the audience. She is fondly addressed by the fans as well as people within the film industry as ‘Lady Superstar’ of course not without a reason.